The 5 Benefits of Installing Automated Sliding Gates

Protecting your premises in the best way possible is something that every homeowner has in mind. Whether it is erecting brick or concrete walls for protection or putting up fences to add to the aesthetics of your house, there are several options that people choose. One of the main aspects of outdoor protection of residential space is the gates that allow entry and exit to the house.

Gone are the days where people mainly opt for swing gates that require manual opening or closing, swing gates take up a lot of area to open, generally having to open into your property. With houses being so much larger and the introduction of smaller house blocks, sliding gates are now the primary choice for many reasons. Apart from saving so much space as the gate slides along your fence line, it is known to save a lot of time as well especially when you automate it. While there are other benefits, here are a few listed out for you.

You Get To Secure Your House

secure your house

When you have automated sliding gates, you can control who goes in and out of your premises. When you have an automated sliding gate as your first line of defence of your property, you can easily keep those unwanted strangers and salespeople out, while only opening the gates to those whom you know and want to enter the house.

You, Your Pets and Your Children Stay Safe

increase your personal safety

There may be those evenings when you or your family members come home late and would have needed to get out of the car to open your gates before entering.With automated gates, you do not have to get out of your vehicle, with a simple click of a button; you can enter your property, this of course increases your personal safety. Your kids are also safer playing out in the yard, in your now more secure property. Your pets too stay safe with no other animals being able to gain access.

You Reduce the Risks of Theft

reduce risks of theft

With traditional swing gates as a part of your property, there is an increased chance of theft as most people don’t bother closing them let alone locking them,it would therefore be easier for someone to access your valued possessions. With automated sliding gates, this risk is greatly reduced as access by unwanted visitors is so much harder. By restricting access to your property with the help of an automated sliding gate the chance of thefts and robberies on your premises is greatly reduced so you can rest assured that your family and possessions are kept safer.

Your House Receives That Aesthetical Appeal

aesthetical appeal

When it comes to achieving the right aesthetics for your house, there are a lot of aspects that need to be considered. The perfect fence at the front of your property, the surrounding gardens, and the colour of the paint on the walls… they all play their part to making your property looks its best. One of the latest methods to increase your properties street appeal is the installation of a sliding gate; a sliding gate helps to make your property to look great when looking at it from the road and also from the inside looking out. The value of your property is increased when you install a sliding gate and even more so if it is automated.

Your Property Gets More Value

property gets more value

When a property has security devices or gates installed, it is well known that it adds more value to the property. If you intend to put the property up for rent or sale, you should be able to achieve a higher price than without these items.

You now know how sliding gates can be beneficial, why wait? Get one for your premises today.

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