Ute Dog Cage

By Using Our Affordable Ute Dog Cages, Give a Safe Home for Your Pets
Give a Safe Home for Your Pets by Using Our Affordable Ute Dog Cages

Having a pet at home with you gives you the comfort of a great companion, and also the security you need to keep unwanted strangers away. Carrying them with you when travelling can be a hassle, that is why we have been supplying suitable products to our clients for carrying that special family member safely.

Our Ute Dog Cages are very convenient if you are travelling to any destination, and you want your pet to accompany you on your journey.

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It has been reported in the media that when pets carried on Utes, cars or trucks, can see an open space and are without proper restraints, they can get badly injured or worse killed. It is in their nature to chase or simply run away when certain occasions arise. We are renowned for our cages that are affordable to everyone, but still made to a very high quality. Our quality products often sell themselves via word of mouth. If you are a first time dog owner you may be unsure by the choices of cages available in the market place, we are happy to spend the time with you to explain what may best suit your requirements.

Over the years we have supplied both ready-made cages and custom-made cages and crates to many very happy customers. Caging your pet whilst travelling also helps to obedience train them and makes handling them easier for you.

Our Ute Dog Cages are the best solution not only for you, but also your pets. Every dog or other domestic animal is used to confined spaces, so if you provide them with a well-enclosed cage, you are also making them feel safe in their own environment.

At Adrian Little Design and Manufacture, we are constantly upgrading our methods so as to better serve you and this in turn makes us stand out as the choice to supply you with a dog crate to suit your needs. While we suggest that you allow us to custom make a crate/cage to your specifications, we also keep in stock three standard sizes for your convenience.

  • Large Crate: 1495mm x 695mm x 820mm high.
    Using a 75×50 mesh and 25×25 box for the framing.
  • Medium Crate: 1230mm x 625mm x 810mm high.
    Using a 75×50 mesh and 25×25 box for the framing.
  • Small Crate: 910mm x 605mm x 820mm high,
    Using a 75×50 mesh and 25×25 box for the framing.
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Depending on what dimensions you provide us with, we can supply you custom cages of any size or style. Our product will keep your pet safe and secure. Inside our cages, your pet will feel at home and irrespective of the place you are travelling to they won’t create a nuisance.
We can provide you with a genuine quality product every time and we are happy to avail you with our services. We have worked extremely hard in making sure that our Ute Dog Cages are both top quality and are visually appealing.

We always have available a 75 x 50 mesh, 50 x 50 mesh and a 25 x 25 mesh.

We carry a large range of material always in stock.

We can custom make them to suit your requirements.

Local delivery can be arranged.