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In this day and age, our personal security is one of the most important concerns for both the commercial and residential sector. The need for gates to fulfil our security problems has been magnified. Whenever anyone builds a house, one of the first things that a new homeowner will do is to install a personal gate and a set of double gates or sliding gate at the front of their property.

Here at Adrian Little Design and Manufacture we specialize in the manufacturing of steel products, in particular we specialize in the custom manufacture of steel gates to suit your needs. Most people are unsure of what to look for or how to know if they are getting a quality product. All of our gates are fully welded at all joints; we do not just weld the top and bottom like a lot of manufacturers. We use what is called Supagal material that has the galvanised coating on both the inside and outside of the material, and all of the welds are coated with a cold galvanising paint

By using steel, you can rest assured knowing that your gates are going to be strong and will withstand the test of time. Since starting this business 29 years ago, we have been constantly evolving the products we make to ensure that our customers are always receiving the best available. Our products speak volumes of the hard work and dedication we put into fabricating them.

  • Double gate all frames supplied with hinges and latches
  • Double gate with diagonals
  • sliding-gates-3
  • Small sliding gate

If you are looking to install steel gates at your premises, please try our services to help you. We can make your job a whole lot easier as we can talk you through the process, and ask you the right questions so that your custom product is right for your needs. Whatever type of steel gate frame you may require we are sure that we can help you.

Steel Gate Frames are made to order, just give us your distance between the posts and we can work out the rest. Custom made paling and slat gate frames are always manufactured within a 24 hour turnaround. Sliding Gate Frames are manufactured within a 24-48 hour turnaround.
What we offer :

  • Size customized according to your needs
  • Paling gate frames
  • Gate frames to suit horizontal slats
  • Sliding gate frames including track, wheels and bracket kits
  • Chainwire gate frames
  • Supply of hinges and latches to suit

Over the years, we have lost count of the many different designs our customers have asked for. It is pleasing to see that when our customers eventually do move house their first point of call to fulfil their next project is to come and see or phone us here at Adrian Little Design and Manufacture.

We are also aware that sometimes gates are required urgently so we also keep in stock standard sizes that we can offer immediately.

We are more than equipped to handle any request as far as steel products are concerned as you only need to look at our list of machinery or photos of our factory to see how capable we are. It is important to us that a customer is never unsatisfied with their purchase from us. Once you order from us, we will make sure that we have it fabricated and ready for you on time.

We can also manufacture your gate frames raked to suit you sloping house block if you require, we can do this for all types of gate frames whether they are paling, slat, slider or chain wire.

Our factory is well stocked with materials ready to be able to fabricate your steel product. All of our products and services are equally cost effective making your next project affordable and suitable for your budget. We offer free quotes, and our products do speak for themselves.