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Trusted Steel Suppliers in Brisbane & Redcliffe

Adrian Little Design is a 30-year-old Australian company. We have cemented a renowned position in the trade of steel supplier in Brisbane. Our company has several feathers in its cap, due to its “without compromise” reputation, we have a large inventory of steel made products so that we can support your business.
Notable track record & a history of customer satisfaction
Adrian Little Design and Manufacture in Brisbane has a long history, brim with satisfied customers and high recommendations in the domain of steel suppliers and the supply of steel products in Brisbane and its surrounds. With numerous years of experience in this trade starting from 1986, we are well equipped to meet most industrial and domestic demands and we offer prompt delivery or delivery when required, depending on your needs. It’s no wonder, our customers trust us with their projects, our Clontarf factory is located in the perfect position close to most people in Brisbane.
Meeting customer demands on time:
Our main goal is to provide top-notch services in the field of steel post and other custom-made steel products in Brisbane. We at Adrian Little Design and Manufacture maintain a high level of quality of the products we make. To do this we train our staff in-house, to work both professionally and to the high standards we insist on, we are equipped to handle the prompt delivery of products, along with phone or email consultation, and after-sales support when required.
Due to having both, a virtual presence online and actual presence via calling into our factory if you wish, we are easily accessible and always ready to cater to immediate requirements of the steel products we can make for you.
We proudly feature our constantly updated online platform, in the form of a website that contains thorough descriptions of our products, services as well as verified contact details. Our website features comprehensive details of steel products we have previously and currently supply to our customers
Huge inventory of steel in stock for small and large orders
Adrian Little Design and Manufacture, is a friendly, customer orientated steel supplier in Brisbane. We know that you do not, in a lot of cases want to purchase a full length of steel. We are more than happy to sell part lengths and then cut what you do need, to your dimensions. We are a retailer that also sells a large selection of “Supagal”. The basic concept of this material is that it has a galvanised coating on both the inside and outside of the material, to extend the products longevity. Our products are of a high quality, and are made to Australian standards. We are proud of the high quality products our staff produce and the fact that we are capable of manufacturing such a broad range of items including steel brackets, custom posts, sliding gates, fence posts and paling/slat gates and dog cages.